By Victoria Hunns 26 Feb, 2017
We are delighted to report that TDR Heritage has become a 'Recognised Service Provider for Historic Environment Services' by the Institute of Historic Building Conservation (IHBC).

HESPR is a UK-wide listing of quality-assured bodies that work to the conservation standards of the IHBC.

HESPR listed businesses assure quality and standards by using IHBC accredited lead professionals who are focused on service. 

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By Victoria Hunns 23 Dec, 2016
TDR Heritage are well qualified in history, archaeology and building conservation and have over 30 years of experience as practitioners in the heritage sector in a variety of roles. Our expertise covers the conservation and management of both the urban and rural historic environment, and we have worked extensively in both the private and public sector.

Our experience in heritage management in the public sector includes time working on a wide range of activities  - from Historic Environment Record (HER) enhancement projects, aerial photographic interpretation and Conservation Area Appraisals to Extensive Urban Survey, the development and delivery of heritage aspects of agri-environment schemes, and being at the ‘coal-face’ in development control, providing archaeological and building conservation expertise and advising on the implications of development on the full range of heritage assets - historic buildings, archaeology and landscapes.

In both private practice and the public sector, TDR Heritage have substantial experience of working on the investigation and interpretation of the significance and conservation of archaeological sites, buildings, historic towns and townscapes, alongside the development of schemes for new uses in historic buildings, advising on condition, maintenance and management, the eligibility of projects, risk management and the coordination and negotiation of appropriate reuse, repairs and alterations. Our extensive background allows us to make deliverable and realistic Conservation Management Plans and we also undertake project management.

Our principal consultant, Victoria Hunns, is a full member of the Institute for Historic Building Conservation (IHBC) and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA), and served on the CIfA Council for 6 years.  TDR Heritage is also  a recognised Historic Environment Service Provider ' (HESPR)' by the IHBC, which means that we are a quality-assured body that works to the conservation standards of the IHBC.
By Victoria Hunns 22 Dec, 2016

TDR Heritage has an unparalleled background in the development, delivery and evaluation of successful HLF-funded Townscape Heritage schemes.

We are a highly experienced team with a detailed understanding of what makes successful application – both from the point of view of scheme development and project implementation. 

In addition to being experienced in writing Stage 1 and 2 bids for funding, we also have a background in actually having delivered a THI scheme (Derby THI) and we were commissioned by the HLF to evaluate 25 completed THI schemes across the UK, the findings from which helped with the development of the relaunched 'TH' in 2013. 

In developing any application, we use our substantial experience of the key elements of Townscape Heritage applications and delivery and, through working with leading heritage Activity Planners and Quantity Surveyors, we provide a 'one stop shop' for the full package of Stage 1 and 2 requirements for any TH application, including:

·      Writing complete and successful TH bids at Stage 1 and 2

·      Delivering an achievable TH programme for conservation-led regeneration and public engagement in the activities

·      Evaluating, Reviewing and Developing THs

·      Preparing TH Assessments of Heritage Need

·      Preparing Assessments of Financial Need for grant purposes

·      Preparing Conservation Area Management Plans & Management & Maintenance Plans

·      Developing detailed scheme plans for buildings, areas and activities

·      Activity Planning, public consultation and stakeholder engagement

By Victoria Hunns 21 Dec, 2016

TDR Heritage have an excellent understanding of the requirements for funding for Heritage projects, having been involved in the development, delivery and the evaluation of significant grant-funded programmes.

In particular we have provided a number of clients with successful 'Outcome' related applications, including:

  • Townscape Heritage Initiative (from HLF)
  • Transition Funding (from HLF)
  • MORPHE compliant applications for funding (from Historic England/English Heritage)
  • Esmée Fairbairn Stage 2

Some of our recent successes include:

  • delivering the ‘heritage need’ and conservation management aspects of the successful Dudley Townscape Heritage HLF Stage 2 application (£1.178m, June 2016)
  • acquiring over £750k in funding for high profile third sector and charity clients - including the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), the Heritage Alliance and the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (CIfA).

By Victoria Hunns 20 Dec, 2016
TDR Heritage have a lot of experience in characterising the development of towns and settlements, and the contributions made by the historic environment to their present-day character.

Our work in this area includes the preparation and finalisation of Conservation Area Appraisals , which include:
  • Collation of information and primary and secondary documentary research, including map regression work, to identify the historic development of an area
  • Assessment of the special interest of the area – including recording and evaluating location and setting, individual structures and their architectural quality and built form and the contribution of open and green space
  • Identification of character zones and positive contributors
  • An audit of assets, including SWOT analysis, identification of generic issues and condition
  • Appraisals of existing boundaries and recommendations for amendment or retention
  • Digitisation of outputs into GIS, to allow easy interrogation of results/ additional planning benefits and the creation of hard copy and digital mapping
  • The development of action plans and Conservation Area Management Plans to guide future work in the area
  • Consultation with local groups and residents through public meetings and invitation.

We have also been responsible for a number of Extensive Urban Survey reportsto assess and characterise the built and archaeological resource in small towns, which include:
  • Collation of information and primary and secondary documentary research, including map regression work
  • Production of GIS information for areas and features each town and the creation of digital and hard copy maps
  • Significant addition of records to the Historic Environment Record
  • Production of illustrated reports assessing the historic environment in towns, to publication standard
  • Incorporation of outcomes into Supplementary Planning Guidance (SPG)

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